UPDATED: MWKF Summer Camp and Testing Registration

Registration forms and other information have now been updated for the 2017 MWKF Summer Camp. Click here for updated information on the Kendo Summer Camp and Testing 2017: Midwest Kendo Federation



Annual AUSKF/MWKF Dues

Registration is currently open to register or renew your membership with the AUSKF and MWKF. Future registration periods will be determined, and 2017 was the first time we used the new system, but generally kenshi that would like to register should do so in the first month of the calendar year.  Registration is mandatory to participate in AUSKF/MWKF sanctioned events and to be covered by the AUSKF’s accidental injury insurance.  You can register by creating a personal profile and completing the online registration process at  If you have any questions, please consult the site FAQ or contact Chris Thompson directly.


Testing Forms: Kyu – 4 DAN

Many of the forms you will need for any of the testing held in the MWKF include the following: