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MWKF Nationals Joint Practice/Godo Keiko Schedule

Next date & location:
Southside Dojo
8534 Portage Rd
Portage, MI 49002
September 9, 2018
Time: Noon to 4pm (doors open 11:30 am)

A message from Joji Takada-sensei:

As many of you know, Ken Okada-sensei and I have been appointed the coach and manager, respectively, for the MWKF team to the 2020 U.S. Nationals.  We are humbled at the opportunity to serve and are excited about the prospect of working with all of the MWKF sensei, sempai, and kenshi over the next couple of years.

Though tryouts and team selection are many months away, Okada-sensei and I want to help everyone reach their peak kendo, whether or not you are interested in the team.

To that end, with the help of dojo/club leaders, we are pleased to announce monthly joint-practices/godo keiko rotating between the Chicago, eastern, and western regions, starting in July 2018.

The days/locations/times are listed below (subject to change as necessary).  Additional dates will be announced on a rolling basis:

September 9, 2018:
Southside Dojo
8534 Portage Rd
Portage, MI 49002
Time: Noon to 4pm (doors open 11:30 am)

October 7, 2018:
Chicago (TBD)
Time: Noon to 4pm (doors open 11:30 am)

November 4, 2018:
Location: Iowa (TBD)
Time: Noon to 4pm (doors open 11:30 am)

December 2018: None

Reminders will be sent. Please save the date and plan to attend.

We look forward to seeing all of you at keiko, and please contact Takada-sensei with any questions.

Best regards,
Joji Takada

2018 MWKF Summer Camp
& Promotion Test
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
August 10-12, 2018

I am happy to announce this year’s MWKF Summer Camp will be held at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) from August 10 to 12, 2018.

We will have Shigeki Yamanaka sensei Hanshi 8 Dan, Shigeki Saito sensei Kyoshi 8 Dan both from Saitama Prefecture and Aki Suzuki sensei Kyoshi 7 Dan from Tokyo.

Depending on number of female participants, I would like to have Women’s seminar led by Suzuki sensei somewhere during the summer camp.

Fee schedule is different from previous years. Please click the image below to access the registration form.













Registration deadline is June 30, however, the number of dorm rooms are limited so do not wait until the last minute and register ASAP. For those people that are not using the dorm, also please sign up ASAP so I can get an idea of head count to plan the lunch and the banquet.

If you have any question, please feel free to email me.

Best regards,
Kenichi Okada
MWKF- VP of Education


2018 MWKF Fall Taikai
Kansas City, Kansas
October 20-21, 2018

Greetings from Kansas City Kendo Club

We are excited to announce a Remember the Date for this year’s Annual Taikai. We’ve secured the date of October 20th for the Taikai and the 21st for Testing.

We look forward to having the other members of the MWKF visit our area and enjoy another exciting tournament.

We will be announcing more details as soon as we solidify the hotel and banquet arrangements.

So, more to follow!!  But we wanted everyone to have as much lead time as possible for making plans.

If you have an idea of the number of people from your dojos that will attend we would appreciate the estimates.

Thanks and refer all questions to this email address please.

John Drakey
Kansas City Kendo Club

Regional member federation of the All United States Kendo Federation